At PHH we are excited about our Alumni!  As you can see we have a higher success rate than the average in the State of Alaska. One of our motto's is once a PHH kid always a PHH kid.  If you are an alumni & wish to connect with us pleas find us on Facebook!

LEVEL II Emergency Services & Stabilization Center 60.6%* 46.5%*
Therapeutic Foster Care 53.8%* 34.2%*


* source: AlasKa Automated Information Management System (AKAIMS)



We're putting together a set surveys for past clients. Please check back soon for details.


Youth Writings


by N.F.

A day in the life of a PHH resident,
It isn't fun like being the President!
But who's to blame,
It's better than sitting at FYF,
To hear me moan and complain,
I'm here to learn from my mistakes,
For the stuff I did in the past, for goodness sake!
Well, it's really my fault for the choices I made,
I drank trouble like a cup of lemonade,
But now I'm how I used to be,
I made some choices that set me free,
The town isn't going to remember me as a troublemaker,
But an honest, loyal kid who had an extreme makeover.

Designed in Chicago