Chena Hot Springs


Chena Hot Springs is a Level 3 treatment program for adolescents 12-18 who have sexually offended and have co-occurring disorders such as FASD, ADHD, and conduct disorders. Most youth are in the custody of the State of Alaska, however, we do accept private family placement. Youth admitted to this program are typically two years or more behind their peers and are labeled severely emotionally disturbed. Clinical assessments, individual and group therapy, provided by our clinical staff result in measurable improvement.

Teaching family staff works closely with families, school personnel, juvenile probation officers and social workers to help youth develop a positive character, academic discipline, and work ethic. Young men are working on returning to their natural or foster families and also learn pro-social behaviors and skills to help them achieve their goals in life.

Chena Hot Springs is a male only, Level 3, long-term treatment program, providing behavior rehabilitation services to five youth ages 12-18 with a staff to client ratio of 1:5. Residents stay up to two years.

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